Today we kick start our Meet the Team series with Eleanor Ritchie. Eleanor plays a very important role here at StraightIn and has been a pleasure to work with. Here is how her journey at StraightIn has been so far.

How long have you been working at StraightIn? – I have been working for StraightIn for 1 Year and 8 Months.

What is your favourite thing about working at StraightIn? – The people – everyone is so kind, they are truly like a family to me! There’s an amazing atmosphere in the office and you can literally talk to anyone about anything!

What is your best achievement since you started working at StraightIn? – My biggest achievement is getting to the position I am in now, bearing in mind I am the youngest in the company and started when I was just 17 years old. When I joined the company, I had no experience, but I have come so far since then and grown so much as a person thanks to Zac and Emma. I will never forget the opportunity they have given me. 

What is your day to day role like within the business? My title is Senior Campaign Manager, but my role involves a lot more than this. I help run the delivery department alongside Emma. This means performance managing, team managing and dealing with any problems and concerns. I also bring on new clients and set up their campaigns, as well as running entire campaigns. My role is very vast, but Zac sees me as the glue of the business.

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