When it comes to advertising on social media platforms, it can be considered complex. As a marketer, you’ve not only have to develop the right message to attract decision-makers. But, you also need to make sure you are getting online users to effectively engage with your business’s content.

As many businesses choose other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram as their primary advertising medium, it isn’t always the best choice, especially if you are trying to attract B2B clientele. 

That’s where LinkedIn advertising steps in. Chances are you are already familiar with LinkedIn, but for those of you who aren’t, LinkedIn is a social media platform that is primarily used for professional networking and career development.

What you might not know is that LinkedIn is also a useful inbound marketing platform. This is because LinkedIn has a powerful ads platform that allows businesses to generate leads, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

As the name suggests, LinkedIn Ads are paid ads that are shared on LinkedIn. It involves using digital tools to create and share high-quality content through a range of ad formats.

LinkedIn ads have multiple advantages, that allow B2B organisations to attract and engage with prospects. Below we will delve a little further into the benefits of LinkedIn ads.

1) Size of the audience.

With more than 750 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has an expansive membership and is simply unrivalled when it comes to developing professional business connections.

Whilst this number does not compare to the number of users on Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn offers a unique advantage and that its user shares a massive amount of information online.

This information includes:

  • Age
  • Location
  • Degree
  • Study field
  • Job title
  • Job seniority

With LinkedIn, your company gets access to an extensive audience with accurate, detailed information. Many LinkedIn users update their profiles on a routine basis, providing you with their latest details.

2) Narrow targeting 

Another notable benefit of LinkedIn advertising is the platform’s advanced targeting options.

Targeting is a crucial element of running a successful advertising campaign as this can lead to higher engagement and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.

LinkedIn Ads is extremely useful for targeting specific demographics as it can filter through all of its users to find the right people for you based on your selected targeting options, some of which were mentioned above. LinkedIn allows you to use a maximum of 100 selections for your adverts.

By utilising LinkedIn’s demographic data, you will be better equipped to connect with the desired audience.

3) Variety of ads.

One of the best things about LinkedIn is the variety of ad options. When advertising on LinkedIn you can use text, images, and videos, as well as formats like carousel ads, email advertisements, and more.

Every ad option offers different benefits, which is why it is helpful for your team to review each ad’s features before implementing it. The great thing is your company can always change your campaign to a different ad type.

Sponsored content is probably the most popular format and is ideal for lead generation. It appears on the feed of your target audience, integrating seamlessly around their organic content. 

Message ads, or Sponsored InMails, are also great for lead generation. These are ads that are delivered directly to your target audience’s inbox and are composed of the core text and a call-to-action. 

There are a variety of ad types that you can experiment with until you find the best one that suits your brand.

4) Personalisation.

Personalisation is becoming more important in marketing. Recent studies have found that 72% of consumers say that they only engage with personalised messaging and 74% of millennials say they get frustrated when brands send them irrelevant emails. 

With the aforementioned Sponsored InMail, your company can send customised messages to the audience members that you wish to target. Whether that be a valuable lead you want to attract or a potential candidate for a job. 

LinkedIn also prevents your company from sending messages to inactive members, improving your company’s chances of reaching audience members and generating leads.

Sponsored InMail also displays on both desktop and mobile devices for maximum usability, something which is important given that 57% of LinkedIn users access it from their mobile phones.

5) It’s Effective

Before we go any further, let’s address the elephant in the room. LinkedIn Ads can be more expensive, with an average Cost per Click of (…). Despite this, they often yield higher conversion rates than other platforms, which makes them perfect for lead generation.

For instance, the average conversion rate for Facebook ads across all industries is 9.21%. The average conversion rate for Google ads across all industries is 3.48%. In contrast, the average conversion rate for LinkedIn is 13%.

Many companies underestimate LinkedIn’s digital marketing power, seeing it as a place to post their CV’s or plan their next career move, but, because of all the benefits listed above, LinkedIn Ads can be an effective marketing tool.

Regardless of the industry, you work in or your career objectives and goals, you should consider incorporating LinkedIn Ads into your digital marketing strategy.  

To conclude…

LinkedIn advertising allows corporations to reach and connect with their target market efficiently. Using this medium will allow you to establish your business and build relationships quickly. Having a powerful online presence, allows businesses to easily communicate with prospects and increase business opportunities.