What we do

We offer a number of packages to help you win significant new business on LinkedIn with our LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. View our packages or get in touch to build a tailored plan for you.

Send Connection Requests

We’ll work with you to define a targeted demographic of business types and job titles that you want to target, specific to the goals of your campaign. We’ll send out connection requests to the LinkedIn profiles that meet your criteria, so that your network grows in a way that is beneficial to you long term.

Personalised Message to new connections

Using our in-house systems, all new connections will receive a brief, personalised message designed to capture interest and initiate further conversation. We’ll also send a follow-up message to all connections that don’t respond to the first one.

Profile optimisation

As well as outbound tactics, we’ll make sure your LinkedIn profile is fully optimised to improve your ranking. This will help you appear in more searches, and extend the reach of your account. This means more exposure for not only your own profile, but also your business.

Full Conversation Management

Your sales process matters, and we’ll integrate this into our strategy. This involves us managing conversations with prospects that might have an interest, and utilising content and information from you to obtain a qualified lead beyond the initial messages.

Outreach and follow-up planning

Further deepen the sales process. Working with the full conversation management, we’ll monitor old prospects that may have gone cold and follow up these conversations to re-spark interest. Any other aspects of your sales process can also be integrated here.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

By putting out regular content, optimised and relevant to your profile and business, more people will engage with your profile. We use a blend of sharing your own web content to drive traffic to your website, as well as images and infographics we create for you to encourage your connections to interact with your posts and grow your network.