Last night was a remarkable and memorable experience for our team as we attended the prestigious Prolific North Champions Awards held at The Point, Old Trafford. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have been nominated for not just one but two awards: Digital Agency of the Year (30+) and Made in the North & Making Global Waves.

This esteemed award ceremony signifies the culmination of an incredible journey that began with our founding in 2018. However, it was the previous year that truly stood out as a significant milestone for us. Among the numerous accomplishments, the opening of our new office in Portsmouth emerged as a prominent highlight. Not only did this expansion establish a physical presence in a fresh location, but it also presented us with exciting opportunities for us to engage with a broader network of partners, customers, and talented individuals.

Our dedication to growth led us to expand our existing teams in both the Chicago and Manchester offices. By expanding our workforce in these key locations, we aimed to enhance our capabilities and better serve our growing clientele. The addition of skilled professionals allowed us to bring diverse expertise to the table and adapt to the evolving needs of our clients. While last year also brought a wave of new clients into our fold, which we are immensely grateful for. These partnerships have expanded our reach and inspired us to continuously improve the quality of our services and exceed customer expectations.

This award ceremony was a celebration of all that we have achieved on our journey.

Our time at the Prolific North Champions Awards

The event itself was brimming with excitement and anticipation, serving as a wonderful platform to acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding achievements of businesses, teams, and individuals who have played a vital role in putting the North of England on the map in the creative and digital sectors. It was a testament to the incredible talent, innovation, and dedication that thrives in this region.

Stepping into the venue, we were greeted by a diverse range of Northern businesses, bustling with enthusiasm to share their achievements and engage in meaningful conversations. One of the businesses we came across was Enjoy Digital, a digital marketing agency hailing from Leeds, who ultimately clinched the well-deserved Digital Agency of the Year Award.

Throughout the evening, we had the privilege of rubbing shoulders with some of the most talented individuals in the field. It was truly inspiring to be surrounded by such a diverse group of individuals, each contributing in their unique way to the growth and recognition of the North. Among the remarkable companies we encountered were ddroidd, an IT Services and IT Consulting agency with an office in Leeds, which claimed the esteemed Made in the North & Making Global Waves award.

Though we did not come away with the awards this time, being nominated alongside such remarkable talent was an honour in itself. It served as a validation of our hard work, dedication, and commitment to excellence. 

“Attending the event and witnessing our recent success has been truly gratifying,” commented Zac Hancox, CEO and founder of StraightIn. “It was an incredible experience to be surrounded by talented individuals and remarkable businesses at the event. Although we didn’t secure the awards this time, being nominated alongside such exceptional talent was a testament to our team’s hard work and commitment to excellence. I would like to extend my congratulations to all the winners and express my gratitude to our clients for their unwavering support. Above all, I want to thank our incredible team across all our offices in Manchester, Portsmouth, and Chicago. Their dedication and contributions have been instrumental in our journey. We are excited about the future prospects for the North and its thriving creative and digital industries.”

What the future holds

We are immensely grateful for the chance to participate in such a prestigious event and to be part of a community that is truly putting the North on the global stage. The evening served as a reminder of the remarkable achievements that can be accomplished when passionate individuals unite. We eagerly look forward to what the future holds for the North and its flourishing creative and digital industries.

While StraightIn may be a small piece of the larger picture, we take immense pride in our role within it. We would like to thank the organisers for throwing together an amazing event, everyone who attended, and everyone who has supported us along the way. We’re incredibly grateful and looking forward to seeing what the future holds.