Everyone might be talking about Twitter right now, thanks to Elon Musk, but it is not the only social media platform going through changes. LinkedIn has also introduced a slew of new updates.

LinkedIn, in a move to be more B2B friendly, announced a rollout of new product offerings that are designed to help businesses improve their B2B marketing efforts on the platform. The new features were announced at B2Believe 2022, which saw LinkedIn experts and industry thought leaders gathering to share insights on the future of B2B marketing.

These new updates are part of LinkedIn’s efforts to promote and engage B2B businesses and include new ad formats and measurements of ad campaign success. 

Focused Inbox 

With this new inbox system, messages to LinkedIn members will be categorized into two tabs: “Focused” or “Other”. This two-tabbed inbox system, which was rolled out earlier this month to 10% of LinkedIn members, will be extremely helpful for members to easily find and respond to messages that matter the most. Messages can also be moved between the tabs. 

Conversation Starter Ads 

These ads will appear as a rotation of ads in a fixed placement in the inbox, which will encourage members to click to initiate conversations in the “Focused” tab. This will be a new way to prioritise paid messages to users such that B2B brands are making the best use of their ad spend by connecting with the right leads. 

This new ad is expected to be rolled out in Q2 of 2023 and will remove the need for the 30-day frequency cap for today’s Sponsored Messages. 

Click to Message Ads 

Click to Message ads are another new ad format, where prospects are able to begin a conversation with the brand, by just clicking their ad directly. This ad format focuses on grabbing the attention of your prospects with personalised engagement strategies. 

This ad format is expected earlier in the year than Conversation Starter ads, in Q1 of 2023. 

Time to start marketing on LinkedIn 

With these key ad features and more updates, LinkedIn seems to be working to be more optimised for B2B marketing and lead generation. There is a real demand for B2B marketing capabilities on the platform and many B2B marketers are beginning to see the importance of LinkedIn in their lead generation. 

Start growing your business leads by getting into LinkedIn marketing and lead generation today!