You can generate leads in two different ways on LinkedIn and it depends on whether you would like to keep your audience on LinkedIn, or take them to your website/landing page in the hope of converting them.

LinkedIn’s Lead Generation Forms work by choosing the “lead generation” marketing objective when you are setting up your campaign. You can fully customise a lead form which shows to your audience every time they click your ads. The best thing about them is that, because users are already signed in to LinkedIn, the majority of the form fields will be pre-filled so the users will only have to click “submit”. You can either download form completions in a CSV, or even better, integrate them into your CRM. 

Website Conversions are a bit more simple and similar to other ad platforms such as Google and Facebook. When users click on your ads they will be directed to your website or landing page. You can add the LinkedIn Insight Pixel to your website in order to track important events as well as build retargeting lists from users who visit the site.