With LinkedIn being the top social media platform for businesses and generating up to 80% of B2B leads, it seems obvious that marketing on LinkedIn is the best step for your B2B business. 

So you’ve set up your LinkedIn page, put out a content plan, and started creating original and thoughtful content to post. Unfortunately, posting great content may not be enough. Like all social media channels, LinkedIn relies on an algorithm to send content to its users. If your content is picked up by the algorithm, you can get amazing organic reach. 

Here are some tips and tricks to get your content on the good side of the LinkedIn algorithm and make sure it gets the engagement it deserves. 

Engage with your post

One critical mistake many people make is to just post their LinkedIn content and log off. By engaging with other posts and comments after publishing, you can increase your organic reach. When you engage with at least three other posts from your network, you can increase the reach of your post by 20%. 

Every comment you receive will further increase the reach of your post; you can get a 4% increase in reach within your own network and a 3% increase in reach within the network of the person that commented. If there are comments on your post, respond to them quickly, preferably within the hour, to get another 20% growth in reach. 

Tags and hashtags 

Tagging people and companies can be a great way to gain some extra traction on LinkedIn, but tagging needs to be used wisely! If a tagged person or company does not engage with the post, the growth of your post will be slowed down. It might be a better idea to tag coworkers and professional connections who will like and engage with your content. 

Hashtags, which help categorize content on LinkedIn and highlight relevant posts, can help you increase the reach of your post and discover similar content. Use more than 3 relevant hashtags with your post to make sure it finds the right audience, but don’t go overboard, limit your hashtags to a maximum of 10. 

Creating a personal hashtag is also a valid option. If people start following your hashtag, it will do wonders for your posts using it on the algorithm. It is also great for company branding, with many huge brands seeing massive success with their hashtags, such as Nike’s #SwooshLife and Lyft’s #LifeAtLyft. 

Consistency is key

As with all social media platforms, posting consistently is key to getting good engagement rates and ensuring your post is boosted by the algorithm. Posting too little or too much can hurt your LinkedIn presence, but you should be posting at least 2-3 times a week to maintain a solid presence. 

You will also need to maintain this consistency. If you’ve been posting consistently and stop posting for more than a month, the first 4-5 posts will receive about 30% less reach than before. 

Final round-up

When it comes to LinkedIn, there are many other steps you can take to make sure your content gets as much reach as possible, such as planning good content, posting at the right time, and many more. 

Keep up the consistent posts and follow these tips to make sure all the effort that has gone into creating your content doesn’t go to waste!