How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is rapidly growing, and it’s a well known fact that it has an unparalleled organic reach. 4 out of 5 B2B social media leads come from LinkedIn. It’s evident that this is the best platform to be focusing your time and money.

There are several ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of LinkedIn, and obviously when all used together the results are even more prominent.

Grow Your Network

This is the fundamental aspect of your content and business being seen. With the organic reach being the pivotal point of your success on LinkedIn, you need as big a network as possible to get eyes on your content. That said, filling your network with hundreds of random connections that have no significance to you or what you do benefits nobody.

Build targeted lists of people who you want to work with, and get connecting with them. You can also connect with people who have large networks, or offer services that you may benefit from.

Introduce Yourself

When adding connections in your target market, build value as to why they will benefit from being connected with you. This will allow you to build relationships with other people, and only benefit you in the long run. People are far more likely to remember you, and reach out if they’re looking for something you can help with down the line. This will help you make the most of your growing network, and reduce the number of dormant connections that don’t look at your posts.

Be active

We all know that it appears in your feed whenever a connection of yours interacts with a post, even if the post is written by someone out of your own network. Engaging with the content of other people will get you seen, whether it’s leaving a thoughtful comment on a post or sharing something you found valuable. This gets your name popping up in front of people who would otherwise never come across it. Your connections may also start to do it back, and every time they engage with your content, it’ll appear in fron of their whole network and get you seen by even more people

Get creative

Engaging content is the number one way to build traction and interest for your offering. As mentioned above, if it’s interesting enough your connections will like, comment or share which drastically increases how many people see your post. This also loops back to point number one, as filling your network with people who you want to work with means you have hundreds of extra eyes in your target market seeing your posts. Once they’re in a position to buy what you’re selling, they’ll have seen your content and come straight to you. On the flipside, make your posts compelling enough and it’s free advertising – they may enquire if you share a blog post that is relevant to them and sparks interest.

Promote Yourself

Leverage the domain authority of LinkedIn. Sharing content such as SEO optimised LinkedIn articles will help you rank higher in search engines, which you can also convert to a blog post on your site. Using backlinks in LinkedIn is a fantastic way to increase your search engine rankings. You can also direct people to your website, with a link attached with every piece of content you share. Driving traffic to your site will also allow you to drive inbound enquiries as prospects read your website and are further interested.

It seems like a time consuming project, because it is. It requires a couple of hours per week, and more than just a couple of weeks of focus to reach its full potential of effectiveness. We are a specialist LinkedIn Lead Generation agency, and are experts in generating new business opportunities for you using your LinkedIn. If you’re looking to really make the most of LinkedIn (since we all know the organic reach it currently has will only be around for a matter of time), we can help take it off your hands. Growing your network and reaching out to prospects is what we offer to all of our clients, taking the most time consuming aspect and giving you back your time. We use highly targeted lists focused around the parameters you set that defines an ideal prospect, and reach out to each new connection with a personalised message on your behalf. No automation, no foreign outsourcing, we get to know you and your LinkedIn account and maximise its potential for you.

We can also help with the content creation and perfectly key-worded LinkedIn articles to drive traffic to your profile and website, all designed to compliment the outbound activity and generate inbound enquiries from the people we’re adding to your network (and those that you have already).

Our clients see on average 7-10 leads each month, so get in touch with one of the team to discuss how we can help you grow. Give us a call on 0161 503 7654, or fill out the form below for some more information.

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