The best part about LinkedIn is that it enables you to connect with almost everyone in the world one-on-one. But I can’t tell you how many individuals I see wasting this chance by sending quick or automated messages that don’t provide people with a compelling reason to connect, such as “Can you assist me?” or “I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” It’s sloppy, unprofessional, and unlikely to elicit a reaction.

Spend a few extra minutes writing a unique message, and you’ll be far more likely to build the connections you want. By following these five steps will help you write a LinkedIn message that will be powerful enough to help you gain valuable connections on LinkedIn.

Great subject lines are the foundation of excellent communications.

How do you determine which message to read and which to trash when you sit down at your desk every morning to sift through your LinkedIn messages?

The subject line.

The words you choose here may have a significant impact on open rates. Up to 35% of recipients will only open your message if the subject line is relevant to them.

The subject line is more critical if you’re sending an unsolicited, cold communication. You must make the most of it and capture the candidate’s attention.

Connect on shared ground.

Examine your prospect’s LinkedIn profile to see if you have any similar hobbies, groups, academic institutions, mutual connections, or jobs in common, and utilise it as an ice breaker in your connection message.


  • You may discover more about them by checking their social media accounts or LinkedIn updates. Make a friendly relationship with them by liking, retweeting, or commenting on their posts. Use it as a talking point in your connection request to boost authenticity.
  • If you have shared contacts, you might ask one of them to create an introduction for you.


When designing your first initial message to reach out to potential clients, you need to adapt the message for the person you are connecting with. Instead of a general greeting, greet the prospect by NAME and mention something you learned through the research you collected.

Keep your communications to less than 100 words.

Building a genuine relationship with a prospect requires clear communication. While you do not need to dive right into a pitch or go overboard with information, it is essential to share your reason why you want to connect.

We advise you not to ramble.

Those of 100 words or fewer have a higher probability of receiving a response, whereas messages of more than 200 words have a lower chance.

Peoples time is valuable. And if you send a drawn-out lengthy speech about why your service is the best, you could potentially lose their attention just as fast as you gained it.

Allow that theme line to steer a paragraph (just one!) in which you go into some specifics:

“I’m reaching out because I need guidance regarding ______,” for example. Or “I’m currently engaged in and have some queries concerning ______.”

Wrap things up with a thank you

The last two lines of the message are your closing statement—think of it as the “I look forward to hearing from you” after a message. You want to be nice, but you also want to be clear about what you’re asking for. Be sure to include clear next steps or a call to action, urging the recipient to reply!

Let’s Recap

Reaching out to someone you don’t know directly might be scary. However, you may create a powerful LinkedIn message that strikes all the right notes by using these ideas.

The key is to keep it brief and to the point, adapt your message, and prioritise the reader. From the subject line to the concluding question, personalisation shows that you’ve done your homework and you care.

However, if you don’t have the time to write a powerful message, it is important to find a service that has the expertise and experience to help you grow your network on LinkedIn.

And most importantly, use a service that doesn’t use automation. As personalisation is the key to success.

A non-automated approach is the best way forward.

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