Would LinkedIn Lead Generation Work for you?

Generating sales leads is the only way to maintain growth for your business. There are so many ways of achieving this through inbound and outbound marketing methods, but how do you know if using LinkedIn to do this is a good idea?

  1. If you work in the B2B sector (and often, even if you don’t), your prospects are on LinkedIn. It’s the world’s largest professional network, so the businesses in your target market will be there. You can even find people by their job title, so it’s instantly possible to reach out to the right person and begin to nurture your working relationship from the first contact.

  2. You understand that LinkedIn offers an unparalleled platform to establish your expertise and authority as aleader in your industry, and that leveraging this can generate consistent leads. If you’re connected with the businesses in your target market, correct use of content marketing can bring you a stream of inbound leads and referrals. And by showcasing your work on your profile, prospects you have reached out to are more likely to convert.

  3. You know that LinkedIn offers one of the best opportunities to get in front of your most important, high value prospects. Companies don’t publish email addresses and direct phone numbers online, so obtaining these without a specialist agency is difficult. Using LinkedIn, you can directly speak to the right person first time.

  4. You realise that you don’t have the resources to do this in-house. LinkedIn lead generation and marketing requires a consistent, systematic and persistent approach in order to be successful. We’re talking several hours each day, to see real results. You simply don’t have the time to invest this effort into growing your LinkedIn presence, checking for replies to your messages, creating content and sending hundreds of connection requests – all whilst doing all the other work that you need to do in the day. We use specialist software to closely monitor LinkedIn campaigns and, our team are experts in generating creative content as well as personally speaking to your prospects until you have qualified sales leads. Focus your energy on the opportunities that will return to you, and we take care of the rest.

In short, the list of people LinkedIn lead generation isn’t right for is a fraction of the size of those for who it will. Get in touch with one of our experts today to organise a trial and see how beneficial for you and your business this will be – click below or give us a ring on 0161 504 0608.

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