As you are all aware, StraightIn is Europe’s leading non-automated LinkedIn lead generation agency. And here at StraightIn, we understand how valuable and powerful LinkedIn is for B2B organisations. 

Over the last two years, StraightIn has thrived, becoming a powerful external service, providing businesses with the opportunity to grow their network, through unique and high performing lead generation campaigns. 

So what else has StraightIn got to offer, that other agencies can not? 

After evaluating the market, StraightIn is taking new steps to provide a service that no other lead generation agency can offer. LinkedIn advertising. 

Now, what is LinkedIn ads?

If you are unfamiliar with LinkedIn ads, it is a paid marketing tool that offers access to LinkedIn social networks through paid/sponsored content. Allowing B2B companies the opportunity to generate leads, share content and more. LinkedIn ads can reach a variety of audiences through different formats and targeting, depending on whether your objective is to generate leads, build brand awareness or drive sales.

LinkedIn has many advantages. Depending on your business’s marketing goals, LinkedIn can be the primary channel to utilise to attract new business. 

However, we are aware that LinkedIn isn’t everyone first thought when it comes to digital advertising, but it’s definitely a channel that all B2B brands should be utilising, as it is the professional social platform.  

We also understand that many businesses do not have the time to advertise on LinkedIn. That is why StraightIn we are offering to take this problem out of your hands.

That is why we’re introducing you to our new Head of Paid Advertising, Rhys Walker. 

As you can imagine, Rhys is an expert when it comes to PPC. With over three years of experience in this field, Rhys will be leading the way in our LinkedIn Advertising adventure.

His main responsibility will be to create and grow our very own Paid Advertising department here at StraightIn. The vision of this department is to explore our client’s current online presence and how we can expand that across the world of digital marketing.

So what does Rhys bring to the table? Well, for the most part, Rhys’ PPC experience is around the competitive world of Google & Microsoft Ads. We’re hoping to take everything he knows about Google’s intent-based marketing, and apply that to the vast targeting options available on LinkedIn Ads. 

Although social media platforms are very different to search engines, we’re sure there are similarities when it comes to targeting relevant traffic.

To state the obvious, you pay for every click you receive on LinkedIn Ads. If you pay for anything in this world, you want to ensure you receive the best value from your investment, right? That’s why our philosophy when it comes to paid traffic is “quality over quantity

At the end of the day, what’s the point in paying for traffic who aren’t interesting in using your product or service?  It’s all about attracting the right decision-makers. 

Now, why should you choose StraightIn to be your external support in all things LinkedIn?

StraightIn possesses the ability and expertise to operate on LinkedIn, overcoming every challenge that other lead generation agencies can not. Making us THE non-automated LinkedIn lead generation agency.

Every day we deliver results, overcome challenges and find new ways to fill in the gaps. That is why we are offering this new service, as we know we can deliver non-stop results through our growing team of specialists.

If you want an agency that provides a service that is designed to be tailored to you and want top results each week, contact us today to find out how StraightIn can generate leads for your business through LinkedIn ads.