LinkedIn is a formidable social network for B2b marketing. LinkedIn, designed for business networking, performs very well for B2B lead generation, making it one of the top B2B marketing methods. These figures will demonstrate the social media network’s usefulness to people thinking whether or not to spend time and money on a LinkedIn strategy.

LinkedIn Statistics for B2B Marketers

According to a Content Marketing Institute report, 97 per cent of B2B marketers utilise LinkedIn for content marketing. Because significant players routinely monitor and network on this platform, B2B marketers know not to miss it when planning a marketing campaign.

Furthermore, 78 per cent of B2B marketers believe LinkedIn is an efficient content marketing platform (Content Marketing Institute). It’s not simply that B2B marketers feel obligated to utilise the site; it’s also a powerful tool in any B2B marketing effort.

LinkedIn accounts for more than half of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs (LinkedIn study). While this figure does not always imply that the traffic is appropriate, LinkedIn drives people to the firm website, presumably nurtured in the sales funnel.

B2B marketers use LinkedIn not just to network but also to distribute content. The LinkedIn feed receives nine billion article impressions (LinkedIn study). Approximately 45 per cent of LinkedIn article readers are in upper-level roles, like managers, vice presidents, directors, and CEOs (LinkedIn study). Content created or placed on LinkedIn has a good possibility of reaching the intended audience or a decision-maker. Therefore, it must be of high quality and well-written.

On LinkedIn, it’s not simply short and snappy content that gets read. OkDork examined 3,000 LinkedIn blog articles and discovered that long-form content receives the most shares, while how-to and list postings perform best on the platform. B2B marketers may also reuse material into SlideShare, with more than 70 million monthly active users.

Top Reasons to Use LinkedIn for B2B Marketing

Not convinced yet? Here are the top 5 reasons why LinkedIn is the best for B2b marketing:

Leadership in thought

Various platform characteristics enable users to assume leadership or thought leadership in specialised fields. LinkedIn provides a fertile ground for thought leaders to introduce themselves and establish themselves as trusted consultants.

By providing great content, being active in network groups, and maintaining their profiles, these thought leaders’ authority within the sector evolves and develops into a much bigger viewpoint – influencer marketing.

It’s a secret opportunity to increase traffic.

One significant advantage of LinkedIn is that you can use it to create leads and visitors to your company’s website. How? It all begins with developing great content that is not just fascinating but also actually remarkable, leaving people wanting to learn more about what your organisation does.

As an example, suppose you submit a post on LinkedIn Pulse. After that article, you may provide links to other popular pieces of your content. Analyse statistics to determine which pieces of content prospects like, and then link to this material to bring prospects to your website and generate a consistent flow of visitors.

Precise Targeting

Much of the data used by LinkedIn for ad targeting comes straight from its members. This accurate, actionable, real-time, first-person data, when applied correctly, will put your organisation in front of your most valued audiences. 

LinkedIn’s targeting choices are almost unlimited, as are targeting tactics. You should carefully analyse which targeting factors would most successfully reach your target demographic before launching each ad. Using numerous IT job titles, for example, may reach individuals with those job titles but may not reach someone in IT with an obscure job title or someone doing IT activities with an unrelated job title. One solution is to use function parameters instead of job titles; another is to utilise skills. But how can you tell which is the best?

Strategic testing may help you understand which audiences and targeting parameter combinations provide the best results. Create two campaigns using the same creative, copy, and budget. Then, for each campaign, designate a different audience. Adjust the audiences regularly to get peak performance.

Raising awareness and improving reputation.

LinkedIn is an excellent medium for expanding your online profile. With more than two professionals joining LinkedIn every second, an organisation can network with an ever-increasing number of fascinating connections. Companies and the people who represent them may increase their exposure and credibility by using LinkedIn’s many individual and group capabilities, both as individuals and (therefore) as a brand.

Don’t forget to use the status update option, which is underused; however, the changes are more apparent on the homepage with the new design.

Make the Most of Your Data

Do you already know who you want to reach out to? Input a list of email addresses, and LinkedIn will match those addresses to user profiles. If your list successfully matches 300 or more profiles, the final result is a Matched Audience that you may utilise in any LinkedIn campaign.

Account targeting is another unique approach to using LinkedIn’s powerful targeting features. An uploaded list of business names, especially valuable for account-based marketing, will enable you to promote to individual organisations effortlessly. LinkedIn will search the almost 30 million LinkedIn business pages for matches. Pair a homepage URL with each firm name to improve your match rate.

LinkedIn has also just launched Lookalike Audiences. Upload your client data and establish a lookalike audience if you want to target individuals who are similar to your current consumers.

Pro Tip: If you satisfy LinkedIn’s match requirement, you may utilise Matched Audiences, Account Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences as exceptions. This is an excellent method for excluding rivals or current consumers from your ads.

Begin generating more leads.

Whether you’re starting a new campaign, re-strategizing an old campaign, exploring LinkedIn Stories, or just searching for new methods to generate leads, LinkedIn is unquestionably your best social bet.