It is critical to understand that automation will not solve all of your issues. It is a useful tool, but it cannot be used as a hammer when a scalpel is needed, particularly for sophisticated, higher-end clients.

Why Straightin Doesn’t Use Automation

When it comes to communicating a message across our client’s marketing platforms, we know that employing the same content for each channel is a bad idea. But an even more serious error is when the dynamic keyword does not show appropriately, or you neglect to modify the final text right before sending it. It would be humiliating if your audience discovered customisation flaws in your emails.

At StraightIn, we don’t believe in a dystopian future of robots running the world— we believe personalisation is the key to turning leads into customers.

Customers are exhausted. They are inundated with options and spammy digital advertisements fighting for their attention. Personalisation, as intelligent marketers recognise, helps them to break through the clutter. The only natural choice to make is how to create a targeted marketing plan that produces results. Rather than automating all areas of your sales process, StraightIn has a suite of digital tools to help make work go a little smoother.

Clients Past Experience with Using an Automated Service

Many of our clients used to mitigate the message risk by reducing the extent of personalization in the communications.

As a result, they crafted a message like this: “Hi {first name}, I observed you’re the {title} at business and would love to have you in my network.”

And the bot responds, “Hi John, I observed you’re the CEO of Aviva PCL Group and would love to have you in my network.”

This sort of communication has a connection acceptance rate of 10-20% at best. The bot then begins sending messages to the new contacts in the hopes of obtaining a sales meeting. Fewer than 3-5 per cent of relationships are converted into sessions. That implies that for every 500 invitations, you’ll receive three to five sessions. That rate can be reasonable if you have a large market. However, if your target market is small, you’ll likely burn through your list quickly.

In contrast, we sent 276,500 Connection Requests and 108,473 Messages over the last month and generated 2,054 leads for clients. So, following our method, you’ll gain more meetings by sending out targeted invites.

LinkedIn Guideline Against Automation

The statement mentioned on LinkedIn says,

“To protect our members’ data and our website, we don’t permit the use of any third-party software, including “crawlers,” bots, browser plug-ins, or browser extensions (also called “add-ons”), that scrapes, modifies the appearance of, or automates activity on LinkedIn’s website.”

It is evident from the above statement that all of the automation tools and outsourcing models violate several LinkedIn regulations and terms of service. If LinkedIn discovers a user who is automating or outsourcing, they will impose a temporary suspension for a few days or weeks. If the infraction is severe enough or occurs often enough, they may make the ban permanent.

Automation doesn’t generate the leads you want

Building a seamless marketing process doesn’t happen overnight. Failure is part of the process, and there are plenty of ways other than automating your marketing that popular blogs don’t talk about.

The best way to learn is to do the work, test everything, and create your unique strategy that works for your business needs. You can find more information about our strategy speak to one of our team members today!