How to improve your LinkedIn Profile?

Do you think your profile is the best it can be? Developing your profile can influence your ability to maximise the ability to connect.

Everyone struggles to improve their profile,  it does take time and effort to make your profile the best it can be.

Profile and Headline

The most important things to have on your linkedIn profile are your profile picture and your heading. These are the first things that someone will see when you connect with them and will determine if they will connect with you. Your profile picture should be a clear professional headshot, without this image your acceptance rate can be impacted. Your headline should be interesting and concise to catch someone’s attention. It’s also important to mention job titles, professional certifications, key accomplishments or select an industry as some people use this information to connect with relevant people in specific fields.

What to include

An important thing to consider with your profile is that it is professional but also personal to you. An important key factor is that you want to make yourself stand out as an individual. You should include all your achievements, hobbies, roles and responsibilities. You want to show off all your professional skills and unique qualities that outline who you are as a person.


On your profile there is a space for a summary that you can include about you and your profession. When writing your summary, You should start by being warm and welcoming to people who visit your profile. When writing about your profession you should sound passionate about what you do. This will affect your reader significantly on how they interpret what your values and work ethic are. The best things to mention are your experience and what you have accomplished in your lifetime.

Small Changes 

Small changes can make a huge difference to your profile. This can lead to a massive improvement in securing your connections. You could personalise your URL to you or your business name. This makes it easier for you to share your profile with the world. Recommendations also go a long way. If you know anyone that could give you a recommendation, then make sure you add this as business’s love seeing reviews you have had in the past.

LinkedIn has in internal ranking algorythm, much mike Google which ranks peoples profiles based on quality, relevance and activity levels. If you are active on LinkedIn and your profile is fully optimised, this will put you ahead of your competitors and usually leads to an increase in inbound enquiries.

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