If you’ve recently visited LinkedIn, you may have noticed some slight changes in its appearance. This is because the LinkedIn algorithm has been updated once more. It’s not a surprise, as LinkedIn has been frequently modifying its algorithm in recent years, with the goal of improving the relevance and quality of content displayed on users’ feeds.

Over the past few years, there has been a significant increase in LinkedIn activity. The company reports a 42% year-over-year growth in shared content from 2021 to 2023, a 27% rise in content views, and an impressive rate of three professionals joining the platform every second.

During the pandemic, there was a noticeable shift in users’ behaviour on LinkedIn when people began sharing more personal posts on LinkedIn. The blending of our home and work lives led users to share selfies and family photos that they would have typically shared on platforms like Facebook.

As a result, many LinkedIn users voiced their concerns that LinkedIn had become “Facebook for suits”. In response, LinkedIn took action to make the feed more relevant, informative, and not just engaging. To achieve this, two significant changes were implemented:

1. The LinkedIn algorithm increases the likelihood of your followers seeing your post on the platform.

LinkedIn recognises the importance of your followers seeing your posts. As a result, they have adjusted their algorithm to increase the likelihood of your posts being seen by your followers. This change aims to ensure that your content reaches the audience who values it the most, especially when it comes to knowledge and advice shared by individuals they know and care about.

2. The LinkedIn algorithm prioritiSes “knowledge and advice” content, giving it higher visibility and prominence throughout the platform.

LinkedIn now gives higher priority to posts that offer valuable knowledge and advice. Their algorithm evaluates the content to determine if it contains insightful information and subsequently showcases it to users who are more likely to find it relevant and useful. By focusing on delivering valuable content, LinkedIn aims to create a more meaningful and enriching experience for its users.

With these changes, LinkedIn aims to provide a platform where users can connect meaningfully and access valuable content that aligns with their interests and professional goals.

These changes implemented by LinkedIn have significant implications for content creators, thought leaders, marketers, and B2B businesses using the platform. Here’s what it means for them:

Increased Visibility for Content Creators

If you’re a content creator on LinkedIn, you will likely know the frustration of investing immense effort and passion into crafting valuable content for your followers, only to witness it fall short of reaching everyone in your follower base. Well, you can let out a sigh of relief as LinkedIn’s revamped algorithm gives content creators a higher chance of connecting with their followers.

The updated algorithm on LinkedIn now offers content creators a higher chance of reaching their followers with their posts. Previously, the algorithm on the platform might not have ensured that a creator’s posts reached their entire follower base. It could be incredibly frustrating for individuals who invested a lot of time and effort into creating valuable content to share with their audience. This update opens up a world of possibilities, allowing content creators to showcase their work, expertise, and insights to a much wider audience.

When their posts reach more people, content creators can establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective fields, gain credibility, and build a strong personal brand on LinkedIn.

But it doesn’t stop there. The improved visibility also enhances the engagement potential between content creators and their followers. By reaching a larger audience, creators have a better chance of sparking meaningful conversations, receiving feedback, and fostering a sense of community around their content. This increased engagement can lead to valuable networking opportunities, collaborations, and professional growth.

And the cherry on top? Content creators can leverage the higher visibility to expand their reach beyond their existing follower base. When posts receive more exposure, they have the potential to be shared and recommended by other LinkedIn users, further amplifying their reach and impact. This can result in attracting new followers who resonate with the creator’s content and are interested in their expertise.

Valuable Opportunities for Thought Leaders

LinkedIn’s strategic focus on prioritising posts that offer “knowledge and advice” unlocks a treasure trove of opportunities for aspiring thought leaders. If you consistently produce and deliver engaging and valuable content, you can amass a loyal following of professionals, clients, and collaborators actively seeking guidance. This positions you as a reliable authority, solidifying your credibility as a thought leader.

As your visibility grows, you become more than just another voice in the crowd. You stand out as an authority who can be relied upon for industry wisdom. Your posts become beacons, attracting a loyal audience and capturing the attention of professionals, clients, and collaborators actively seeking guidance. The increase in credibility serves as a testament to your expertise and firmly establishes you as a trusted thought leader.

This newfound recognition also unlocks a host of exciting opportunities. Thought leaders may receive invitations to speak at prestigious industry conferences and events, garner attention from media outlets seeking their expert opinions, and attract potential collaborators eager to tap into their extensive knowledge. Such opportunities enable thought leaders to expand their influence, share their insights on a broader scale, and forge valuable partnerships.

To make the most of these invaluable opportunities, stay focused on delivering high-quality content tailored to your target audience. Share unique perspectives, practical tips, and insights on the latest trends that address the common challenges faced by professionals in your field. Remember to engage with the LinkedIn community, foster meaningful discussions, respond to comments, and connect with fellow thought leaders to build valuable relationships.

Greater Marketing Potential

The recent changes in LinkedIn’s algorithm hold great promise for marketers, offering a fresh perspective on unlocking greater marketing potential. It’s a reminder of the importance of delivering content that genuinely resonates with our target audience while maintaining a professional approach.

Gone are the days of relying solely on pushy promotional messages. Instead, we’re encouraged to provide real value and establish authentic connections with our audience. By embracing LinkedIn’s emphasis on knowledge and advice, we can transform our marketing strategies into powerful tools that educate, solve problems, and position our brand as a trusted resource.

Just imagine the impact of creating content that goes beyond mere sales pitches, offering insightful industry expertise and practical tips. This approach enables us to become trusted advisors, guiding our audience through their challenges and empowering them with valuable knowledge.

What’s truly remarkable about this shift is the ripple effect it creates. As our content resonates with our target audience, engagement levels naturally soar. We witness a surge of comments, shares, and connections as people actively seek to engage with the valuable insights we provide. This fosters a sense of community around our brand and nurtures meaningful conversations. It also plays a crucial role in building trust and loyalty. Our audience begins to view us as reliable partners, genuinely invested in their success. This deep connection cultivates brand affinity, transforming satisfied customers into passionate advocates.

And let’s not overlook the impact this has on conversions. When people trust us, they are more likely to choose our brand when making purchasing decisions. By positioning ourselves as knowledgeable authorities, we become the preferred solution in their minds. This credibility boosts conversions and drives our business forward.

Improved B2B Engagement

The recent changes in LinkedIn’s algorithm bring exciting opportunities for B2B businesses to enhance their engagement with their target audience. If you’re a business owner, these changes provide a pathway to strengthen your connection with industry professionals and drive potential business opportunities.

By fully embracing the algorithm’s focus on knowledge and advice, B2B businesses can position themselves as trusted partners and industry experts. You unleash your expertise by sharing valuable industry insights, informative resources, and thought-provoking content to make heads turn and hearts race. Show the world that you’re not just a business but the ultimate source of reliable information and a go-to authority in your field.

The algorithm’s prioritisation of content that provides value and resonates with professionals increases the likelihood of reaching the right individuals. With this heightened visibility, businesses can break through the noise, cut through the clutter, and captivate the attention of those industry professionals eagerly seeking the insights and guidance you have to offer. Doing so allows you to forge meaningful connections with potential clients, partners, and collaborators actively seeking industry insights and guidance.

If you consistently deliver high-quality content that addresses the pain points and challenges faced by their audience, B2B businesses can attract the attention and engagement of professionals who are more likely to be interested in their products or services.

These changes can also have a positive impact on your recruitment efforts. Nowadays, people are actively seeking opportunities to work with companies that are recognised experts, where they can continuously learn and grow. By showcasing your thought leadership and industry expertise, your business can attract talented professionals who are genuinely aligned with your brand values and share your vision.

The algorithm’s emphasis on knowledge and advice ensures that B2B businesses can reach the right candidates and create a strong employer brand, attracting top talent to their organisation.

Final thoughts

Overall, these changes to the LinkedIn algorithm provide content creators, thought leaders, marketers, and B2B businesses with an opportunity to create and share content that is highly relevant, valuable, and informative. By aligning with the platform’s focus on knowledge and advice, users can optimise their engagement, build strong professional networks, and achieve their business objectives.