In LinkedIn’s ongoing effort to help content creators increase interaction inside the app, the company has introduced a new post templates feature that lets you apply a variety of textual design formatting and backdrop methods to your status updates. This comes as the number of users adding images to their LinkedIn posts has increased by 20% yearly.

If you’re creating a post according to this pattern, you can tap the new “Use a Template” option in the drafting float to get various options for personalising your work.

In LinkedIn’s own words:

“Engage from dozens of customisable backgrounds and fonts, add your have faith textual stammer, and hit “Fragment”. It’s essential to presumably even add a clickable link onto templates to help your target market to acquire circulate.”

This is a reference to the link sticker feature recently introduced to LinkedIn. This is one more method you may use to give a particular attitude to your LinkedIn updates.

It’s a magical new feature that might significantly diversify your LinkedIn feed; however, whether you want just the most thought-provoking, attention-grabbing items showing up in your feed is another question entirely.

Carousels, a visually appealing, swipeable structure allowing creators to merge photographs and videos, have also made their debut on social networking. Content incorporating instructional steps, specific recommendations, or even an overview of current developments in a particular field works very well in this format.

LinkedIn now allows users to add a clickable link to any photo or video they share, much to Instagram’s “link sticker.” Making a new post on a mobile device with a picture or video as the accompanying media, tapping the “Add a link” button, entering their URL and customised link text, and finally tapping “Post” will add the clickable link.

LinkedInFeed now supports carousels; in the coming weeks, designs and the ability to click on links will be available.

“We love seeing new ways professionals are building engaging content through videos and images. We want to make it even easier to create visual content that helps you stand out and inspire your professional community,” said Keren Baruch, product lead for creator strategy at LinkedIn and Angel investor. We aim to streamline the process of creating visual material that distinguishes you and motivates your professional network.

Boost your LinkedIn updates with new templates!

LinkedIn new templates are already here, and if you’re looking for a way to spice up your LinkedIn updates, it would be worth your while to experiment with the various codecs in order to see what kind of reaction you get from others when you do so.

Lovely work; however, you may want to watch out for those typefaces. Please.

According to LinkedIn, using one’s own custom templates will probably be available in “the approaching weeks.”

So get ready for an entirely different platform experience and engagement!