LinkedIn marketing can be an incredibly successful method of increasing leads and revenue. LinkedIn can offer more than self-promotion and potential business contacts; it offers you the ability to build a professional network, enabling you to connect with decision-makers that traditional methods cannot.

Although LinkedIn provides the tools for growth, it isn’t always that simple. It takes time, experience, and a lot of work to see the desired results. Being the world’s largest professional network – with 774+ million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide – getting yourself and your business noticed by other users online can be a difficult challenge to overcome. 

However, many businesses don’t have the time  and expertise to connect, interact and post on LinkedIn. That’s why many organisations pay for outsourced support, to help generate leads and increase profit margins. 

What do businesses look for exactly in an agency?

When looking for a LinkedIn lead generation service, businesses seek an efficient agency, often experts in B2B lead generation, that focus on generating good quality leads. 

They want an agency that has thousands of successful campaigns, know how to get results, without the use of automation, and instead favour a personalised, authentic, and consultative approach that guarantees a 100% delivery rate.

Can’t find an agency that fits that criteria? 

Well, look no further. Here at StraightIn, our non-automated LinkedIn lead generation marketing services are designed to generate leads and increase sales opportunities through unique and tailor-made campaigns that represent you and your business. 

Now, what is StraightIn? And why are we different in comparison with the rest?

StraightIn is Europe’s leading non-automated LinkedIn lead generation agency. 

StraightIn design unique and high performing LinkedIn lead generation campaigns, to ensure that clients gain high-quality leads. No other agency in the UK provides a unique and powerful approach that includes interacting and engaging with targeted prospects as an actual human being. 

Many companies fail to personalise messages when connecting with their target market, as they rely heavily on automation to do the work for them.

That is why at StraightIn we draw the line with automation. We believe a personal approach can increase the chances of success. Through authentic and personalised messaging, the prospect will always be aware that they are conversing with a real person through the whole process, from start to finish. 

What we do 

StraightIn offers a number of packages that are tailored to you and your needs. Our packages are designed with a unique approach that will not only get you noticed but will help you gain good quality leads through our non-automated lead generation campaigns. 

The StraightIn process 

Our process is straightforward. The following steps are designed to ensure that the client’s profile is receiving attention and engagement, whilst their Inmails are always full of interest and conversation. 

Profile optimisation 

When it comes to your LinkedIn profile, your dedicated account executive will make sure your profile is fully optimised to improve your profile ranking and SSI score. This will help you gain more exposure as your profile will appear in more searches and extend the reach of your account.

Target Market Identification

We define your target demographic of business types, industries, and job titles that you want to go after, specific to the goals of your campaign. We send out connection requests to LinkedIn profiles that meet your criteria to increase your network in a way that will be beneficial in the long term.

Personalised Connections

All new connections will receive a brief, personalised message designed to capture interest and initiate further conversation. We’ll also send a proactive follow-up message to all connections that don’t respond to the first one.

Full Conversation Management

When it comes to conversation management, we integrate your sales process into our strategy. This involves our account executives managing conversations with prospects that could potentially be interested, and utilising content and information from you to obtain a qualified lead beyond the initial messages.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

By posting regular content, you are optimising your profile with relevant information, increasing the chances that more people will engage with your profile. We use a combination of sharing your web content to drive traffic to your website, as well as using the images and articles we create for you to encourage your connections to engage with your content and grow your network.

Outreach and Follow-up planning 

Working alongside full conversation management, your account executive will monitor old prospects that may have gone cold and follow up these conversations to regain interest. 

Why are we the best in the industry?  

“StraightIn definitely is an amazing choice to make lead generation scalable” 

Knowledge is essential when it comes to generating leads on LinkedIn. Our team at StraightIn possess the knowledge and adaptability to work on LinkedIn and overcome challenges and restrictions like nobody else. 

Our campaign managers and account executives have the unique skills and experience to construct a strategy to support your business by generating more sales opportunities for you. 

“I highly recommend working with StraightIn to generate high-quality leads: they generated 20 leads that immediately converted to 5 partnerships with strategic companies in only a couple of months” 

Do you want to achieve these results? We can support your business by building you a powerful professional network that precisely focuses on your target market. By converting your network into a valuable lead. 

Just last month we generated 124 opportunities for one client and we can do the same for you.

If you want an agency that provides a service that is designed to be tailored to you and want top results each week, contact us today to find out how StraightIn can generate leads for your business.