With LinkedIn being the primary corporate social networking site, it is unsurprising that businesses are attempting to provide services to help users increase their associations. After all, networking is essential not just for LinkedIn success but also for business success.

Not only that, but companies want to generate more leads, which means they’re seeking for easy solutions to expedite this process using LinkedIn and contact more individuals. Many organisations believe that automation services have addressed this conundrum, but is this the best approach to make your LinkedIn a success?

The short answer is: No! Automation software works to automate the majority of your LinkedIn engagements and exchanges, allowing you to contact more people and making your life simpler. While it seems like a sensible objective, is that what it accomplishes?

The basic idea is to automate your campaigns, which essentially means mass messaging a lot of users on the platform to reach more people in less time, and you can set up auto-responses so that you can stay in touch with these prospective leads at all times.

The software will simply pick popular accounts similar to yours and scrape all of their followers, look at their posts, scrape all of the people who interacted with them, and then send them mass messages.

This is a pretty poor technique to get meaningful leads for LinkedIn. There are several reasons why LinkedIn automation is the incorrect choice.

Why StraightIn Doesn’t Use Automation

At StraightIn, we don’t approve automation because when you employ automated communications to contact new prospects for the first time, you give a terrible impression. Not only does your profile seem to be a bot or spam, but it also appears that you don’t care enough to consider who may benefit from your product or service and reach out to them.

Even though we live in a digital age, consumers still want a human touch from their online interactions, and if you are automating all of your contacts during the lead-to-conversion process, this is a major red flag.

Most people do not trust bots or spam, and they will not conduct business with them. When you employ LinkedIn automation, your reputation and credibility will suffer.

Why Are We the Only Non-Automated Company?

All marketing companies are very aware of what they are doing, and they are well aware that LinkedIn disapproves of their service. While you’d expect their customers’ safety would be at the top of their priority list, that isn’t the case. What’s more? Some marketing companies will not even tell you that.

This is where StraightIn comes in. It is the only company that uses non-automated strategies to do your business’s marketing. We work with the client to develop a targeted demographic of company kinds and job titles they wish to target, based on their campaign’s objectives. We then send connection requests to LinkedIn accounts that match our client’s criteria, ensuring that our client’s network expands in a manner that benefits them in the long run.

Why Is Non-Automated Approach Better?

Your first goal should be to safeguard your LinkedIn account. You should also evaluate your whole online reputation, mainly if your LinkedIn account is connected to it.

Choosing a service that purports to be safe but engages in actions that LinkedIn disapproves of may result in the termination of your profile. To a vast extent, the hazards exceed the advantages.

StraightIn is the best alternative that provides the desired effects at reasonable rates and is safer!

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