The concept of outbound lead generation on LinkedIn is growing. With over 70 million decision makers on LinkedIn, it’s the ideal platform for finding your ideal clients, building relationships with them and generating new business.

Automated LinkedIn platforms are popping up all over the place, and each day LinkedIn shuts another down. They go completely against LinkedIn’s terms and conditions, as they allow users to automate reaching out to prospects, by inputting outreach messages then get to work on your LinkedIn account. Automated tools are cheap, but for a reason, and come with a whole host of risks and disadvantages. Another post (HERE) describes the risks of using automation, including minimal control over avoiding existing clients, competitors or irrelevant contacts, as well as the use of automation being totally against LinkedIn’s terms and leaving you at high risk of a permanent restriction of your LinkedIn account.

Many platforms will boast that they are undetectable by LinkedIn, or that they ‘mimic human behaviour’, both of which are red flags as they attempt to go undetected on the platform they are designed for.

Conducting LinkedIn outreach without using an automated platform helps to remove the risks associated with them, but using an expert agency who don’t use any automation or outsource any work to off-site teams/freelancers combines a huge range of benefits that will make your campaign phenomenally more successful than just humanising the automated outreach.

Tailored to you

Your account manager works as an extension of you, but they couple together understanding your business in depth and having access to all our campaign data and expertise, to be in a position to fully optimise your campaign and constantly respond to market feedback.

Your account manager works incredibly closely with you to understand your goals and what you’re after. This allows them to individually look at each prospect and assess whether or not they fall into your target market, and choose whether or not to connect you with them. They can also understand who your competitors are and ensure those are avoided, and make sure that any of your existing clients don’t get any messages from you. Some automation platforms allow you to exclude certain companies, but these filters are not bullet proof and there’s nothing that compares to a human assessment in real time about how suitable a prospect is for you.

Real time data and extensive experience

We have hundreds of live campaigns live across a huge range of industries at any one time. Across these, we’re targeting almost every sector, across the globe. This gives us an unparalleled amount of data on how different markets are responding, and the best way to run campaigns to generate opportunities in them. We’ve been helping clients by crafting high-performing outreach messages, and have written thousands of them.

An automation platform relies on you writing your own message copy, with far less data or knowledge on what will be effective in generating leads within your target market on LinkedIn. Everyone has received at least one pitch on LinkedIn with an incredibly long message that’s of little interest, and we’re experts in capturing the interest of busy decision makers.

You know your business best and nobody can sell it to an interested prospect like you can, but we’re experts in getting you in front of them through LinkedIn.

None of the risk

Unlike automated platform, we don’t need to mimic human behaviour because all the activity is actually carried out by a human. We also don’t outsource any work to freelancers or people abroad, all work is carried out by your own account manager. LinkedIn is cracking down heavily on automated tools, and if you’re using them you can expect to see a warning like the following at some point:

If you’re using automated platforms, it’s fantastic that you’re seeing the value in using LinkedIn lead generation to get to your ideal clients. Using an expert agency can really allow you to capitalise on what you’ve done so far,  and drive more targeted and significantly better results with our expertise.