As we reach the end of 2021 and reflect on what the business has overcome, we also start to plan how we can make progress and set goals for 2022.

Businesses spend this time thinking about where to allocate budget, which departments may need changes and bigger projects are drawn up to ‘start being planned in the New Year’.

Countless numbers of people choose to put their marketing on hold in the run-up to Christmas, with the justification that people are busy or out of office.

However, the most common reason we hear is ‘people are putting off everything until the New Year’. Isn’t that exactly the point? Is the run-up to Christmas, when your prospects are planning their diaries for January and starting to think about projects that may require a budget, not the perfect time to reach out and get some time set aside in the kick-off of 2022?

You’ll find that in January when everyone renews their marketing spend and decides to begin reaching out to their target clients, things become saturated quite quickly.

You have the perfect opportunity to be one of just a small number of people who are carrying out outbound marketing, so your message is far more likely to stand out and catch the eye of your decision-maker in December, and then you have the protected time for early January in their calendar, whilst all of your competitors are only just getting started.

The ability to interact with prospects before the year ends is important.

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