With the professional networking platform LinkedIn, recruiters have found a new ally in their quest to attract the best candidates. Recently, Cisco, the global technology leader, has embraced this idea and taken it to the next level, turning its employees into brand ambassadors and talent influencers. 

Not only have they streamlined its recruitment process but they have also achieved significant improvements in employee retention. Let’s look at how LinkedIn can help with brand recruiting, taking inspiration from Cisco’s groundbreaking approach.

The Power of Brand Ambassadors

According to Cisco’s chief People Officer, Kelly Jones, they “recognize that it’s not just the recruiting organisation’s responsibility to bring talent here.” 

Every employee within an organisation has the potential to be a brand ambassador. By encouraging and empowering employees to promote the company on their LinkedIn pages, Cisco has tapped into a vast network of connections, each with its own unique reach and influence. This approach transforms employees into talent influencers who actively participate in the recruiting process.

Taking Ownership and Fostering Engagement

When employees are encouraged to take ownership of the recruiting process, it fosters a sense of pride and engagement within the workforce. By becoming active participants in promoting their company, employees become more invested in its success and growth. They have a personal stake in bringing the best talent on board because it directly impacts their work environment and the overall success of the organisation.

LinkedIn as a Recruitment Tool

LinkedIn being a powerful tool for recruitment is not something new. With over 900 million members worldwide, the platform provides access to an extensive talent pool across various industries and job functions. Recruiters can leverage LinkedIn’s advanced search features to identify candidates based on specific criteria, such as skills, experience, and location. This targeted approach ensures that job openings reach the most relevant candidates, saving time and resources.

Moreover, LinkedIn allows companies to showcase their employer brand through company pages. Companies can make use of their company LinkedIn page to showcase thought leadership as well as highlight its culture, values, and achievements. This kind of online presence creates a positive impression on potential candidates, making them more likely to consider the company as their employer of choice.

One of the significant advantages of using LinkedIn for brand recruiting is the ability to build relationships and establish trust with potential candidates. Recruiters and hiring managers can engage with candidates through personalised messages, providing insights into the company and its opportunities. This approach goes beyond the traditional job application process and creates a human connection that is often lacking in other recruitment channels.

Improving Time-to-Fill and Employee Retention

Cisco’s initiative to turn its employees into talent influencers has yielded impressive results. By actively involving its workforce in recruitment efforts, the company has managed to reduce time-to-fill for positions by about five days. This reduction is critical in today’s competitive job market, where top candidates are often in high demand and get hired quickly.

Moreover, when company leaders and employees are involved in recruiting, it has a positive effect on employee retention rates. Candidates who are referred to or attracted by current employees are more likely to have a better understanding of the company’s culture and values. This alignment leads to higher job satisfaction and increased retention rates as new hires are more likely to find a fit within the organisation.

Final Round-Up

LinkedIn has emerged as a powerful tool for brand recruiting, and Cisco’s approach to turning its employees into talent influencers is an innovative example of how to leverage LinkedIn. 

With the competition for high-quality talent increasing, companies must embrace innovative approaches to attract and retain the best candidates and LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity for companies to do so.